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Third Rate Productions

Third Rate Productions produces short films, industrial films, social media posts, and full-length documentaries.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Best Script Award - London - 2023 (1)
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Depth of Field International Film Festival - 2023
SEMI-FINALIST - Glendale International Film Festival - 2023
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Cult Movies International Film Festival 11th Season - 2023
QUARTER-FINALIST - Vancouver International Movie Awards - 2023
QUARTER-FINALIST - Wiki The Worlds Fastest Screenplay Contest - 2023
SEMI-FINALIST - Paris International Short Festival - 2023
SEMI-FINALIST - Hong Kong Indie Film Festival - 2023 (1)
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Best Script Award - London - 2023

What are we working on now?

Pirates have taken over Third Rate Productions! That's right. We are hard at work on our very first full-length documentary currently titled, Pirates of the Gulf Coast. You are invited to follow along with our blog posts as we go pirating in search of history, adventures, and answers. Who were the pirates of the Gulf Coast? What happened to them after their sea-legs wore off? Is there any hidden treasure remaining to be found? We'll find out all that and more! Stay tuned!

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