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Celebrate International Women's Day

This is our first year to celebrate International Women's Day with all of you. Third Rate Productions is a female owned and operated business. Meet Laura Edmundson, founder of Third Rate Productions.

Photo by Silver Artistry

The idea for Third Rate Productions began when she wrote a successful dinner theatre show 20 years ago. It was Laura's dad who made a joke about the production being the "second hand players present a third rate production of..." Since the run of that show, Laura thought the name Third Rate Productions would be an ideal name for a production company. And many years later, TA DA! Third Rate Productions was formed!

Laura wants Third Rate Productions to be unique, however, in its mission to help other artists. We strive to always put other local artists and businesses first. If you wrote a book, we want to promote you. If you have a talent in music, we want to help showcase you. If you excel in an artistic medium, we want to let you shine. If you own a small business and need a boost, let us help you. That's what Third Rate Productions was built to do.

Photo by Silver Artistry

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